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Whether or not you chose to become a HOBA TECH Partner, you can still help customers in their small and medium size enterprises (SME) market optimise their operations and improve their efficiencies with HOBA TECH.

Just join our Referral Program and you can earn on business opportunities you share.

It’s simple. Register, receive your referral link, share your referral link with clients, customers and colleagues, track those leads, and ultimately earn on those leads that convert to wins. 

Not a Current HOBA TECH Partner? Not a Problem

While some restrictions apply, if you do business in the SME market, you’re a prime candidate for the program. If you know customer or prospects in the SME market who would benefit from the worlds first truly Business-led digital transformation method, send those leads to us, and we’ll work to make it a win for you, your customers and HOBA TECH. 

Applicable HOBA TECH Solutions

Consultants and Consultancies that participate in the HOBA TECH Referral Program can earn when their leads convert to paid deals. The following products are currently eligible for payment of referral fees for leads registered in the HOBA TECH Referral Program. As the product range develops and countries we enter expands, this list will be amended and updated: 

Agile Transformation Training

Agile Transformation Accelerator Program

Designed to enable Consultants and Consultancies to setup and lead their clients through their business-led digital transformation in 42-days. The 6-week drip feed program is based on the HOBA® (House of Business Architecture) framework trusted by the UK Government, FTSE-100 and Startup Organisations to setup (and turnaround their failing) digital transformation programs. 

Agile Transformation Virtual Masterclass - coming soon!

Design your Target Operating Model (TOM) the right way! This masterclass delivered virtually is designed for participants to learn the skills, tools & processes needed for agile  discovery, design and delivery using the agile HOBA®  method from your home or office.

Agile Transformation Applications

HOBA Projects (SaaS)

HOBA Projects (SaaS) is your own online Kanban to manage your HOBA project online, in one place. With purpose built Kanban, you now can manage your agile business transformations in one place, all online. HOBA Projects is Live now (to be added to the Referral program shortly)

Business Transformation Applications

HOBA Pro (SaaS) - coming soon!

Designed for teams and organisations of all sizes who are looking for the platform to manage their projects. HOBA Pro makes it easy to draw the entire Business Architecture with its step through wizard, automation, blueprints and templates. It uses automation to help create charts, diagrams, model and other visuals quickly with minimum effort. But most importantly puts the control back in the Business’ hands and enables the User to both create, maintain and manage the discovery, design and delivery of the entire business transformation
(Due out later 2021)


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